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Sierra Safari Zoo has become a fixture of the Truckee Meadows community for over twenty-seven years. Though small, it has become the largest zoo in Nevada, with over two hundred animals of over forty different species. Sierra Safari educates, and entertains young and old alike. Some unusual animals reside at our zoo, we are home to Lemurs, Zebras, Camels, Cavies, and Leopards. The zoo boasts six kinds of monkeys, and eight kinds of wild cat that include Lions and Tigers. Dale McDaniel, co-founder of Sierra Safari Zoo said:

"My dream was to bring the animals I loved together with the children of the area to promote empathy for animals everywhere. I had no idea what even the running of a small facility would entail."

Sierra Safari operates daily by the loving ministrations of over fifty animal loving volunteers, and with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office Community Work Program for which we are extremely grateful.

Help your local Zoo
We are a nonprofit organization and every cent donated or earned gets reinvested back to the animals. We have a loving crew of volunteers that donate their time in the general day to day care, cleaning, feeding and enrichment for all the animals. However, this is not enough. With the current increases in food, transportation and upkeep costs it is becoming increasingly difficult for use to remain operational. We would like ask our community for help. Please donate whatever you can to help. It will truly be a sad day if the zoo has to close its doors due to a lack of funding. Reno does not have a lot of family friendly environments and especially environments that focus on education for the animals that we share the world with. Please help us and our animal ambassador by clicking the donation button below.

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Adults (13yrs+)............$11.00
Children (3-12yrs).......$8.00
Military (valid ID)........$8.00
Seniors (55yrs+)..........$7.00
Group (12+)..................$7.00
(For Group Rates Please Call in Advance 677-1104)
Small Children (0 - 2)....FREE

Memberships (good for 1 year):
All Membership Benefits include:
•Free admission to Sierra Safari Zoo for one year.
•One-day admission passes for your friends.
•Invitations to "members only" events.
•5% Discount at the Gift Shop.
$30 - Individual
$25 - Student (Valid I.D.)
$60 - Family (up to 4)
$25 - Senior Individual
$40 - Couple
$30 - Senior Couple
$100 - Family Plus (up to 6)
$500 - Platinum (up to 10)
Military (Valid I.D) Membership Discount:
$25 - Individual
$50 - Family (up to 4)
$80 - Family Plus (up to 6)
$400 - Platinum (up to 10)


Winter Hours: Weekends from 10 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.


10200 North Virginia Street Reno, NV 89506
(775) 677-1101

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About the Zoo

about sierra safari zoo about sierra safari zoo about sierra safari zoo


The Sierra Safari Zoo was started by 3 men, Dale McDaniel, Jimmie Martin, and Dave Dawson. They had a collection of exotic animals as a hobby which started with ostriches. They acquired the property in January 1989 and the zoo opened in August 1990. The first real exotic animal was an African Lion, named Claude. Which was followed three months later by a male liger, Hobbs, one of the zoo's most prized ambassadors.

Our Mission Statement

To foster compassion for and knowledge about animals and our environment by bringing people and animals together. We do this with a commitment for the responsible care of our animal ambassadors and to encourage the thoughtful stewardship of all animals on Earth.


about sierra safari zoo about sierra safari zoo

Animal Ambassador

Enquire about our animal ambassador programs and have our crew bring the animals to your school, party, organization nursing home or hospital. Click here or call (775)677-1104 for more information.

Adopt A Wild Child

Here is your chance to a support an animal and help improve the enviroment, enrichment and overall well-being of the animal. Call (775) 677-1101 ext. 3 if you are interested in adopting a Wild Child, or you can email us at contact@sierrasafarizoo.org

Become A Volunteer

The Sierra Safari Zoo is ran all by volunteers who have a love for animals. If you too have a love for animals and wish to share it, fill out our volunteer application (located below). By volunteering you can learn about the care and special needs of exotic animals. We do ask that these requirements are met: Weekly minimum commitment of four hours. At least 16 years of age. Have a love for animals and a desire to teach others about them.

Download Volunteer Form

Support us

about sierra safari zoo about sierra safari zoo about sierra safari zoo

Help your Local Zoo

Here at Sierra Safari Zoo we are constantly expanding and improving the habitats of our animals. You too can help us in improving our Zoo, facilities and programs in the education of animals. Below are several ways you can help. Your help is very appreciated by us and the community.

Donations can be sent to Sierra Safari Zoo, 10200 North Virginia St., Reno NV 89506. Or, you can donate by clicking the "Donate" button below:

10200 North Virginia Street Reno, NV 89506
(775) 677-1101
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