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Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another. –Erma Bombeck

Download Volunteer Form. If interested please fill out the form and bring it into the establishment. Join the Crew and become a part of something great!

Here at Sierra Safari Zoo we love our volunteers and appreciate everything they do. They allow us to grow, educate and provide a loving environment for the animals in their care. When asked why they became a volunteer and what they liked about it here are their responses:

Dee – I love animals and being around them. I feel useful and like being active. I feel younger working with other.

Acacia – I became a volunteer for animal experience and college applications. I love animals and wanted to work with them. I've stayed a volunteer for so long because of the connections I've made with them.

Sara – I love being a volunteer because I get the chance to connect with amazing animals and people. They have all become my friends and family.

Tara – I became a volunteer to help my daughter do what she loves and become a zoologist. I love being here for to many reasons to list, but mostly the love I get from the animals, the family I have gained and all of the knowledge that I have obtained and will continue in the future.

Jose – To increase my knowledge of animals, while gaining "hands on" experience. Thus being able to one day pursue my dream job of becoming a zoologist.

Aleah – I started my first day doing community service and came back to volunteer the next day. The animals with their personalities and being able to care for them really "hit home" for me.

Julie – I love connecting with nature and animals. Also, the physical exercise I get.

Nick – I became a volunteer because I've always wanted to work with animals. Now I'm heading into a career where I work with animals as my daily job.

Deborah R – I fell in love with the animals as soon as I moved here from the bay area. When I was young I had 16 animals. I enjoy every moment at the zoo taking care of my wonderful friends. It is really awarding.

Jessica J – I became a volunteer to gain more experience caring for animals. I like being a volunteer because I get to observe the different behaviors and personalities of each species in the zoo.

Tim – I like volunteering at Sierra Safari Zoo because you actually get to do animal care. This results in both happier animals and keepers. Most volunteers at major zoos are not normally allowed to directly care for the animals.

Jessica L – I came out to volunteer at the zoo because I went to Africa for 5 weeks and I was missing the animal connection. I also wanted to gain exotic / zoo animal experience for school.

Chris – I first started volunteering here for animal experience for school. After the first year I kept volunteering for the family that I made. Now going into my eleven year I remain a volunteer because of the connections I've created with the animals and my extended family. I became a part of something great, that few ever get to experience. There are no words to fully express the love I have. Volunteering here has changed who I am and what I will be in future, for the better. It has taught me love, patience and understanding. Plus, there are not many people that can say they've played hide and seek with a tiger.

If you wish to become a part of something great, please fill out the volunteer application located here and bring it in. It may change your life.

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